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battlefield 3 pach money talks

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battlefield 3 pach money talks

Post by LUMPY SICK on Sun Apr 01, 2012 2:12 am

this is a copy a and paste from the official forum.before it was removed by dice.they ahve removed this post 3 times
this is a guy talking to ea customer support
read on, i just received an email from EA. Patch is early on PS3 due to agreement they have.

"Your Case, 03502347
Thanks for contacting us with your issue.
Unfortunately each console manufacturer have a process where the new
patches are tested for bugs, compatibility and quality, due to this
process being different for each company the delays can happen. Also
sony have rights to early access to these patches due to an agreement
with DICE hence why they have the patch even before the PC version.
There will be an announcement on the Battlelog, facebook and twitter
with regards to the xbox patch as soon as microsoft have cleared the
latest patch.
EA Customer Support

i dred to think what grim is going to say about this Sad
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Re: battlefield 3 pach money talks

Post by novahob on Sun Apr 01, 2012 5:17 am

Well its a bit crap that we haven't had it yet but at least we can find out about it before we start playing. Na thats rubbish!!! WHERE IS THE PATCH
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