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Community approved servers

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Community approved servers

Post by Berty1977 on Thu Jun 07, 2012 7:51 pm

Ive found this thread of servers which people say are good and that you wont get kicked from ill keep updating as it updates on battlelog

XBOX 360:
{kias} your favorite maps
Morqan Freeman's House of Worship (South US)
- Usually on a TDM rotation but throws in CQ and Rush and Sq. Rush
Mo's House of Lead (Australia)
- Mixed TDM/Conquest.
P4D 24/7 RANKED 5CQ & 2TD (No Admin Abuse) (US East, Normal Tickets)
- Maps: Metro CQ, Noshahr CQ, Kharg CQ, Metro TD, Caspain Border CQ, Firestorm CQ
P4D Epic Battles Ranked CQ 24/7 NO ADMIN ABUSE (US East, Normal Tickets)
- Maps: Noshahr CQ, Kharg CQ, Caspain Border CQ, Firestorm CQ
{FBC}{QOD}Fat Boy Carls no kick TDM server (Europe; 200%; Tickets)
- Team Deathmatch
{FBC} Fat Boy Carls no kick conquest server (Europe; 200% Tickets)
- Conquest
- The server is used over Tuesday and Thursday nights for the APEX INTERACTIVE squad Rush league, but any other day it runs normal BF Classic Conquest maps.
Bloodletter 24/7 Conquest Server (Europe/UK)
- 200% Tickets; All the classic BF3 maps in a good rotation. Admins online from 1800hrs - 2300hrs GMT. RULES: no base attacks, spawn killing or exploits allowed. Fair players will NEVER get kicked from our server. Players will be warned if they are breaking the rules, and then kicked if they don’t change.
- Normal conquest,Normal Tickets. All maps on conquest and conquest assault. Only exclusion is Wake Island. No Admin interference, no weapon restriction and no custom rules. All that is asked is that any game exploits/glitches are not abused.
'{official} pixel enemy'
- Rush/CQ rotation
BOB (Europe)
- Conquest - 200% tickets. No spawnkilling/basecamping.
Old F@rts Sweden (Europe)
- Normal conquest/rush server.
Battlefield 3 old school fun (U.S South)
- Combination of maps from Bf3 and Back to Karkland, and a mixture of Conquest, Conquest Assualt, Team Deathmatch and Rush matches.
All maps. CQ 24/7 (Europe)
- 3 rules: Do not spawnkill. Do not shoot at vehicle in enemy spawn. Do not steal enemy vehicle in their spawn. Ticket count = 200% or less.
WORLD WAR III - Hardcore 2GO (East US, Hardcore)
- HC Rules. NO Intentional TeamKilling Please. NO Kick/Ban for being good.
All maps included. Maps swap CQ/RUSH. 100% Tickets. 2Player Server Start.
The Fallen (West US)
-Conquest most of the time, normal ticket count most times, B2K maps along with classic's, only thing we ask is you be respectful
{NO KICKS and BANS} Best maps < RUSH ONLY >
-Rush with normal tickets, Respect other players, contribute to the team, pilots should wait till the enemy plane is in the sky to engage in combat; Maps: OPERATION FIRESTORM, DAMAVAND PEAK, WAKE ISLAND, GULF OF OMAN,SHARQI PENINSULA, NOSHAHR CANALS, KHARG ISLAND, CASPIAN BORDER, OPERATION MÉTRO, STRIKE AT KARKAND
RoT (Australia)
-No B2K all standard maps(open to change), Hardcore Conquest (standard ticket matches), no spawn camping and no TK for vehicles.
-No spawncamping/killing., No team killing., ou can use ALL weapons.
200%/air maps/conquest (East U.S.)
-no spawncamping; a message will be sent if the rule is broken before action is taken
UKMC (Europe)
-24/7 Rush, Normal map rotations, with 100% tickets.
Scottish Marauders - regular ticket count (Europe)
-100% Ticket count - games the way they used to be played, plays Conquest roughly 90% of the time, with Squad Death match and Squad Rush getting thrown in the odd time.
Eddie's House of Pain
-200 ticket TDM on the best TDM maps. Admin’s note: “I claim that I'll kick players that use the M26 dart or hover on spawn beacons for cheap kills, but most of the time I don't unless I see the player is really being a dick. I just like playing a slightly longer game of TDM.”

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