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Gun setup's

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Gun setup's

Post by oxXBu11D0gXxo on Fri Jun 08, 2012 12:11 am

Please post your setup's here so people can see what is good to use.

Mine in most used order.

M16A3 : Heavy barrel / Cobra site, you can use the flash supressor on here to which will help with the recoil but I find heavy barrel more to my liking.

M4A1 : Heavy barrel / Foregrip / Cobra site, again you can swap out heavy for the flash supressor.

AEK-971: Heavy barrel / Foregrip / Cobra site, I find this the best setup for this gun and just burst fire for longer range but I would only really use this for more close quarter's map's. This is also the only gun I would recomend putting a silencer on for CQC because of the hire fire rate.

L85A2: Flash supressor / Cobra site, I have tried the heavy barrel on this but in my opinion I do alot better with the flash supressor on it, dont ask me

AN-94 Heavy barrel / ACOG - Cobra site, This one im stil getting use to it kill's really quick up close and at medium range but feel's really inconsistent at long range but that may be just my aim.

RPK-74M: Cobra site.......I did have extended mag's on there but after the latest patch they have taken it off so still eperimenting with LMG's
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