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Anti-cheat update: Striking down on stats padding and how you can help

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Anti-cheat update: Striking down on stats padding and how you can help

Post by LUMPY SICK on Thu Sep 13, 2012 4:25 am

Anti-cheat update: Striking down on stats padding and how you can help

We want everyone to play a fair game. Read on for how we are
further increasing our anti-cheat measures for Battlefield 3, including
striking down on stats padding and improving cheater reporting.

Let’s talk stats padding. Stats padding is when you stop playing the
game and start finding ways to artificially leverage your score. So
instead of actually trying to win a game of Conquest, a stats padder
might run his or her own server and enforce a house rule that no killing
is allowed. This lets everyone simply run around and capture flags,
leading to a skewed progression.

Therefore, we aim to reduce stats padding as much as possible. One
way we are doing this is by continuously striking down on servers run
with the sole purpose of artificially boosting players’ stats. When we
find stats padding servers, we reach out to the renters and ask them to
change their settings, otherwise placing their servers in an “Unranked”
state (where any gained persistence will not be recognized in players’
online progression, thus rendering the server harmless).

How you can help report suspected cheaters
In other anti-cheat news, you may have seen that we have improved how
you can report potential cheaters in Battlelog. If you encounter a
possible cheater in the game, the best way to make us aware and is by
finding the player’s profile on Battlelog. From there, click the little
triangle in the top right of the player’s profile page and select the
new option “Report possible cheat”.
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